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Bullydog GT problems

Alright, after surfing around here for over a year I knew it was time to join.. Figure I would go through a few of my woe's.. First off here she is, 99 7.3 f350
Mbrp to homemade stacks, cold air intake, aluminum foil door lock fix, 3" leveling kit, grill/headlight conversion, bulldog, fuel regulator upgrade from diesel o rings and bulldog tuner..

Alright, after I installed my 600$ , yes SIX HUNDRED dollar bulldog gt tuner I got a unwanted lope on deceleration.. Then a nasty shudder in cruise control going downhill, a horrible miss shortly followed when pulling off from a dead stop and a loss of fuel mileage.. So I carried on to try and fix the problems.. Dropped the tank twice looking for clogged socks or a deteriorated boot, replaced several fuel bowl filters, removed fuel bowl and cleaned with no lee-way, tried bb mod and it got worse, upgraded to aftermarket regulator with no fix.. Next I tried the synthetic oil which was a waste of time.. I replaced the cps with no luck. Checked the voltage across the glow plug solenoid and it tested good.. Paid a 'ford certified' guy to test the fuel pressure, clean the fuel lines and drop the tank again for another WASTE of 500$$!! Finally took it to ford for a 2000$ bull#### quote of it needing a PCM because of a memory loss code because of the tuner.. So, now that I am considering selling the truck a friend tells me that his dad had bad luck with a programmer on his 7.3.. I proceeded to my truck, uninstalled the programmer to find my truck running like NEW again!!: I contacted bulldog 3 times with no answer or return of email.. I read that a 'universal' tuner is #### but opted to get it because if the cool screen.. Maybe this will help some other poor soul like I save time and money if he is having issues with a programmed 7.3.. I'm lookng at other options now, like sending my PCM off and having it directly programmed.. Sorry for the long post but I figured I'd cover it all at once
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