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Tranny's acting funny. Could use some advice!

Ive been trying to hope for the best but deep down i know how unreliable our E4OD transmissions are =/. But anyways, when i first got the truck the CEL was on and it shifted like a bat out of hell because the tranny was in "safe mode" since the light was on. After changing the ICP sensor the CEL went off and the tranny shifted normal again like it should.

Now i didnt drive the truck to much like this while it was stock because i instantly started modding it once it was running normal. One of the first things i did was tuner, exhaust, CAI, mechanical gauges, etc etc. But after a couple months of having the truck i noticed that when i was going down the highway it kept slipping out of OD into drive, back into OD, and then back into drive, and so on and so on. It would do this only at high speeds, and around town it would be fine, just slipped in and out of Over drive.

But then i ended up tearing the truck down and painting it so it wasnt driven for about 4 months. But about last week maybe a little before i got it put back together and started driving it and it was driving just fine (wasnt beating on it though cause i knew it was acting funny before paint.) Well yesterday it started acting funny again, after driving around for a while it kinda felt like it was struggling between gear changes so i went home and parked it. I got back in this morning and it was doing just fine again....until i was driving for a while, once everything got up to temps it really started to act funny, as i was slowing down it skipped a couple gears and just went straight to 1st and from that point when i would accelerate it didnt want to come out of 1st until the rpm's wound out and the it would finally shift but then when it would get into like 3rd gear and id start slowing down it didnt wanna shift down, id be around 10mph and start accelerating again it would bog down real low for a sec cause its still in 3rd and then finally shift down like it should but the shift right back up.

Anyways the tranny's acting funny (whats new with a ford transmission) and my question is what your guys opinions are. Do you think its pretty much the end of the road and i need to get it rebuilt, or is it possible i can drain the fluid, change filter, add some fresh new fluid with maybe some good lucas stop leak and slipping additive to help it. Just wanna see what your guys suggestions are because obviously im looking at close to a grand+ to rebuild it (and thats doing it myself) and prolly close to a 100 bucks to drain and change the fluid. So i dont wanna waste a 100 bucks for nothing and then turn around and shell out a grand for a rebuild, but a 100 bucks is a lot nicer than a grand lol. So any hints, suggestions, things to try would be great.
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Re: Tranny's acting funny. Could use some advice!

Do you have a blinking overdrive light?
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Re: Tranny's acting funny. Could use some advice!

It's a little bit of a spendy part but u could pull ur pan and try a shift cyliniod. <---idk if that's spelt right lol anyway my e40 did the exact same stuff until it blew the front seal on the freeway. And my od light was blinking on and off. I did a zf5 swap. Pretty happy with it too. Little spendy but in the long run I'm so glad I did it.
Good luck tho buddy
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Re: Tranny's acting funny. Could use some advice!

Well i was just researching another thread i came across and the guy was having all the same symptoms i was. And everyone was talking about a VSS sensor, acts funny once warmed up but is fine when could, throw an abs light every once in a while, speratic speedo.

Well i changed my cluster not to long ago because it was all hay wire and has been fine since, but i did notice that when my tranny starts acting up my mph gauge on my programmer goes blank. So the thread i was reading about was talking about a blinking OD light and a PO500 code which has never happened to me but i have thrown the ABS light from time to time. So just to take a shot in the dark i drove around for a while today until the tranny warmed up and sure enough the tranny started going crazy and my mph on my programmer went blank. I watching my OD light like a hawk and sure was blinking. I pulled up the DTC codes on my programmer and sure enough...there was a PO500 code.

So i dont want to count my chickens to soon but im really hoping this is my problem instead of a pricey trans job. So my question is where to go from here? on the other thread they were saying to drain my diff fluid and put new in and change the sensor. Well what about maybe just pulling the senor and cleaning it? The only thing i dont like about changing the senor is the fact i got to splice it in...sure the sensor will be new but now ive created a weak point at the splice (where it will just corrode from good ol ohio salt). Or is there anything i should look out for that would throw a faulty VSS code?
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Re: Tranny's acting funny. Could use some advice!

Just an update, i got under the truck and took a look at my VSS senor. It looked as if it was new (def not OEM) so i started to trace the wires back and low and behold i found a splice...but not by any standards a good one. It was literally just two wires twisted together with electrical tape barely holding them together. Its a wonder it was even still on there. So i took the tape off and did it the correct way, used butt connectors and shrink wrapped it, the wrapped electrical tape around that and finshed it off with conduit.

Now i drove it around a little but not as much as id like to have, but i got the tranny semi warmed up and so far i havnt had any issues, thrown any codes, or lights. I dont wanna push my luck just yet but im hoping this was my problem. I wasnt beating on it, but i wasnt being easy on it either...lets just say i was really making some good tunes out of the stacks lol. But non the less no issues, so ill be updating some more to see if problems come back.

But in the mean time, anyone got any suggestions for some more prevenitive maintanence to prolong the life of my E4 tranny? I thought buying a farm truck was gonna be a good thing since it hadnt seen much if any on road use....but im slowly finding the cons to it, the big ones being that the maintenance was poor. If something needed replaced or fixed it was done at a bare minimum or half assed just to keep the thing running...cause lets face it, id do the same if the thing didnt have to see the road lol.

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Re: Tranny's acting funny. Could use some advice!

I know this is an old thread but.......I am having the same issue. No codes, haven't seen the OD light on and off, and no abs light. Not saying it doesn't happen, just don't see it.

I recently had the instrument cluster out for bulbs and just now seem to have the issue. Cluster works fine and all fuses are good.

Just seems coincidental but I am not sure right now. Could use some assurance/help.
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Re: Tranny's acting funny. Could use some advice!

To adcausey, check out my other thread

VSS sensor help - PowerStrokeNation : Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

I did end up having an issue again with this but this time i wasnt showing any of these symtoms i had the first time. Long story short i tore apart my entire truck....and i mean tore apart looking for something, anything. And in the end it was a bad cluster, my cluster that was in the truck was working perfectly fine so i didnt think anything of it and i actually bought another cluster and swapped them and still wasnt working. But after exhausting all options i finally tried yet a third cluster and once i put that one in ive been problem free. Hope this helps.

1995 F250, 7.3 stroker. 2 in. lift, 35 in bf tires, Fuel bowl delete mod with a adjustable fuel pressure regulator on top of the engine. 3" MBPR downpipe to 4 1/2" stacks, Evolution CTS Programmer, CAI, brand new injectors (they are oem though), front mount trans cooler, pilar pod mech gauges (pyro, boost, and trans temp)
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