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Re: Which gears? 4:10 or 3:55

Originally Posted by JCart View Post
Excellent question...think it's a personal preference...I like the hand shaker best...
My 96 CCLB had 355's and ZF-5 and ran it with 285's and 315's awesome mileage high as 24.5 mpg (imperial gallons) usually not less then 19 combined....worst towing 12.
Sig truck came with 410s and 315's, E4OD and I hated it with the 410's so I swapped gears from truck to truck. Still don't really care for the E40D and the plan is to swap over the ZF-5 in time. I mean its ok on hard acceleration because you don't loose boost. I just don't like the feeling of on the peddle then you coast, brake...on the peddle again...

As your truck is ZF if it where me I'd put the 355s in it. When you tow you can leave it in 4th (if heavy, hilly) bla bla...

Not sure I have seen many CCSBs in a handshaker....that's rare in my area...cool. Then again you could try it as is then swap just the rears to see if you like it...

I am just wooried about loosing bottom end, taking off on hills and such w the 3:55s. But like you said i can just swap the rear axle and see how i like it.

Only problem w that is i want to tear this parts truck apart and get some $$$ back before i tear into my CCSB. Trying to decide to sell my D60 w 4:10 or 3:55

Looking for Blue 40-20-40 seat for OBS. PM me if any known
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