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Re: 6.7 Questions??

Here is a few observations from a Duramax guy who just switched to the "dark side" a month ago. I have always been an GM guy. My last truck was an 06 lbz which was pretty much flawless for 200,000 miles. I never would have looked at a Ford until a co worker bought a loaded 09. I have been in that truck quite a bit in the last year and a half and I guess you could say it made quite an impression on me. The interior, nav, and fit and finish finally did me in. In stock form the 6.7 does run better than my stock Duramax did, but tuned I think it lacks some. Both trucks were tuned with a bully dog gt,(which has worked perfectly from day one on the 6.7). I haven't done a dpf delete yet but probably will in the next year. The Duramax seemed to get 2-3 miles per gallon better fuel mileage whether towing or not. The Ford must be alot lighter on the rear wheels as the Duramax seemed to go through snow and mud twice as well in 2wd as the Ford. I noticed this on my coworkers 09 but thought the locking diff would even them up. It helps some but not as much as I thought. Once in 4wd though the Ford does just fine. The Ford rides amazing for being a solid front axle f-350. Maybe a little stiffer but definatly a good ride. One thing I have noticed which I cant figure out, is when towing it seems to like to sway quite a bit. I havent towed anything heavy yet just a 28' enclosed sled trailer but even on calm days when I pass semi trucks it makes the trailer sway a little. Its not a big deal but I thought going to a heavier 350 from my 2500 would handle the trailer better. All in all I would buy the Ford again in a heartbeat. I find myself coming up with excuses to drive it. I really wanted to buy a 2011 duramax but it just wasn't as nice as the ford. Hope this helps. Mike
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