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Re: Seen this yet

Originally Posted by Iceman56 View Post
NO they are NOT.... Not by much anyway 2011 Dmax is within a 100 to 200lbs of the new Ford acording to all the specs and the DP comparisons

The new Dmax picked up roughly 6-800lbs where as the 6.7 lost wieght

Fauck I just may not be buying a Ford after seeing this. What is the deal with the 6.7??? I have seen big HP claims and dyno sheets yet everyone is running mid to high 14's Does the tranny gear ratio powerband of the motor just not work together or what?? Am I missing something here?

I am not at all bashing I am honestly curious what's going on

Im a Dmax owner that has an order form filled out for a KR F450 that is awaiting my approval on Monday.

Like you I think the ford has the styling nailed (other than that god awful grill) inside and out. I just wanted a good looking truck that could turn heads with a set of rims n tires and leave stock, but after seeing that youtube video Im at a loss as to what to do.

Realistically waiting a year for the 2012 may not be the answer either. Id have to think this may be the platform for a couple years atleast before any changes were made to close the obvious gap between it and the dmax. With that though GM has the same time to improve on its design as well.

I really had hoped Ford came in with a winner for this year.
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