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6.7 Questions??

Curious what you guys with DPF Deletes and tunes are seeing for EGT's on the 6.7? Guess I am really wondering how big of a tune you think you can tow with??

I am looking at buying a new truck, I'll admit I am a Duramax guy at heart but I love the cabs on the 6.7's, so I am think about pricing out a King Ranch as well.

I also love the idea of doing a DPF delete and tune and making 500hp, but it sounds like the 6.7 isn't gonna be what the 6.4 was with stock equipment?? Is this a fare assesment? How much HP is the 6.7 capable of with stock turbo do you think?? I guess I was a little disapointed the fastest 6.7's (fuel only) are running mid 14's, I know it is early yet but by the looks of it it doesn't sound like the 6.7 will ever be in the 12's like the 6.4 will it?

Another question, what gears ratio should I be looking at? I tow haevy and often so 3.55 or 3.73?

Thanks for any info, glad to be a part of your forum, so try and turn me over to the dark side

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