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Re: Whats the deal with the Diesel fluid ?

Originally Posted by Jay03GT View Post
The left bank is the one that gets the extra fuel during a regen. The right bank feeds the EGR cooler, and therefore there is less heat in the EGR system during regen lowering stress on the EGR cooler. One of the many lessons they learned.
Thought they got away from that for oil dillution issues and used a injector in the exhaust manifold like the new LML Duramax does?
If they are still using in cylinder regeneration, that is very bad news.

Also, by using Urea, the engine timing can be optimized and the Urea neutralizes the NOX caused by doing so.
* That is another reason why EGR is reduced in the new motor, because the NOX can be Neutralized by the DEF injection. So, allowing the motor to utilize more O2 to burn the fuel more completely through reduced EGR and also allowing more timing advance, results in major MPG gains!
* The reducton of EGR also reduces particulate emissions thus reducing required regnerations of the DPF and the MPG impact.
The new 6.7 gets better MPG basically from several things that have been changed....all are going to equal better life and MPG than previous DPF equipped diesels.


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