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Re: Whats the deal with the Diesel fluid ?

Originally Posted by JimTJr View Post
Yea, I know it is the same, (nearly) as the 6.4, but I remember reading someplace that the 6.4 used all eight cylinders at once, where the 6.7 used one bank. Half the injectors for each regen, PLUS it does it less....because of the DEF....
That's why the 6.7 get's so much better mileage in stock trim.
I guess I didn't realize that the DEF was that large of an impact, I just figured it was primarily because of only 4 cylinders being used. (They can use 4 vs 8 ALSO,,,,because of the DEF I guess....) Hey, you can learn an old dog new tricks,,,,
I was not aware it only used 4 cyl. at a time. That is pretty cool I can't speak for the time between regens. Out on the highway mine has gone up to 400 mi between, but most of my driving is short city trips and I typically get 150 mi between regens. One other thing I noticed, If I'm driving 78ish on the turnpike, I'll get about 18 mpgs (gauge) and regen every 350 mi or so. if I slow it down to 65-70, I'll get about 19.5 mpgs (gauge) and regen every 160-200 mi, and end up getting the same mileage on the tank when I fill it up. All I can figure is its running just hot enough to help keep the dpf cleaner? does that make any sense?

To get moderately back on topic, I had heard you could get DEF at Flying J at the pump, but I have not seen it there. Am I looking in the wrong spot? Or did I hear wrong.

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