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Re: Icon 2.5 with 4 link??

Originally Posted by 6.7 hillybilly View Post
Thanks.. I have a real dumb question... What is a 4 link used for??? I thought by lifting a truck the axel would move towards the rear of the truck. And a 4 link would allow you to put it back under center. Am I way off??
The 4 link is used to obtain more axle control on the truck and allow the truck to be lifted higher. If you are interested in a 4 link set up I would suggest the OUO Adjustable Link Arms over a 4 link design.

Originally Posted by Evil Eye View Post
Good luck with your tires. I thought the same thing. After about 10,000 miles, I went to rotate the tires (directional so front to back), I noticed some pretty severe scrubbing on the outer edge of the passenger side front tire.

It appears obvious to me that despite Truck Toyz telling me I would likely need them and my repeated attempts to rationalize the exact same argument using my measurements of frame to wheel, in fact, my axle had been shifted which in turn caused the tire scrubbing. Do it right the first time with the cams and the adjustable trac bar... I went with Truck Toyz BOTH times and they gave me a GREAT deal-FIRST for my 2.5" Icon springs and SECOND for the cams, adjustable trac bar, Bilstein shocks and dual steering stabilizer.
Was the truck aligned after the kit was put on? If not, that ultimately could have been the under lying problem to your tire wear. Not every truck is the same, some trucks need more caster than others to get back into spec.
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