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Re: My New Exhaust

Originally Posted by InMotionJosh View Post
Yeah, im going to paint the inside fo the exhaust flat high temp black and the rest of the visable exhaust too.

Its one of your emblems. I still get a ton of compliments on it and alot of people wanting to do the same thing.
Ya I wish I still had the same access I did, I just don't want to do it unless I can be the one printing them out and watching them because the printers are sometimes strange and don't print exactly perfect.

Originally Posted by Spatel23 View Post
Sorry to derail but where can I get two of those emblems?

TripleE44 any chance you would make some more?
I can't make them anymore cause I don't work for that company. Like I said above I only want to sell em if I can get them made exactly 100% perfect. I can PM you the website of the company I used to work for, and you can call and talk to them to see if they'll do em for you and how much if you want. One set at a time would be perfect but the big amounts are a little harder to make perfect.

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