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Re: Aftermarket Rims

In a nutshell... the more backspace or positive offset, the less will stick out.

Backset is the measurement from the mounting surface of the wheel to the back lip of the wheel. sometimes abbreviated BSM.
Offset is measured from center of the wheel.
Some companies list the frontset measurement, which is from the mounting surface to the front lip of the wheel

a 9" wide wheel with 0 offset has 4.5 inches of backset.
a 9" wide wheel with +.5" (or +13mm) offset has 5 inches of backset
a 9" wide wheel with - .5" (or - 13mm) offset has 4 inches of backset

In some occasions, the company will measure to the outside lip of the wheel. If this is the case, if you add the frontset and backset it will be about a half inch wider than the wheel is listed to be. You can check this by taking the backset - the offset (if its negative offset, add them instead) and it should be half the wheel width. If its not they are measuring to the outside lip.

I believe the stock wheel has 3" frontset. I'm not totally positive, but its right at 3" My dad ran a 9" wheel with 5.5" backset and the tire set flush with the edge of the truck without flares. They were 325/65R18s BFG A/Ts.

I don't know of many places online to buy wheels. I just look up brands and go to my local tire shop and he can get them. The brands I typically check are American racing, Eagle Alloys, Ultra, Pro Comp, Moto Metal. I don't remember them all right now.

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