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Re: MT truck of the year

Originally Posted by jwarren View Post
Not in sales not at all. Gov motors has a long way to go.
Umm, not really, in fact they "GM" are either very close, or outright lead Ford in total sales..
What stops GM from comparable sales for the last 20 years is simply because they are dividing two name-plates as seperate entities, to Ford's one.
I think we can all agree that the Silverado and the Sierra are the same truck that appeals to the same GM buyer, therefore should be counted together in the general popularity contest.
2009 Pickup Truck Sales - Comparing 2008 and 2009 Truck Sales Statistics

2008-09 sales figures claim Ford sold 515,513 F series trucks.
GMC and Chevrolet combined sold 633,609 Silverado-Sierra units.
That makes "Government Motors as you put it, the sales leader by over 118,000 rigs. I don't know if they taught arithmatic in your neck of the wood, but that's more trucks than Ford, which means that Ford is the one with a long way to go.
Around here, there are probably 10 GM trucks to every single Ford. I don't see it, but obviously most people prefer GM.
Personally, I've driven both, and the Duramax has always impressed me more. There is nothing about the 6.7L that makes me want to trade my tuned 6.4L.
IMO,Ford has always had the better looking, better built heavy truck. I guess others disagree in large numbers.

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