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Re: Tearing into the 6.7!

Originally Posted by TurboDiesel View Post
I'm also curious about the size of the turbo... Doesn't it have 1 wheel with viens of different sizes? One side for low RPM and the other side for greater sustained boost? Almost like the twin turbo on the 6.4 in a single housing, kind of the best of both worlds? If that's the case the initial opening is going to be smaller. But to tell the truth, it looks the same as the opening on the 76mm turbo on my mustang. I know the turbo on my mustang is capable of 30+ lbs of boost. I've had it push 22lbs easy, made 754 rwhp in the stang. I see what looks like about 22 lbs full throttle sustained on the 6.7 whenever I get on it at all. I wouldn't think Ford would put so much money into this turbo only to have to change it in a year just to keep up. It would be expensive to have to go back to the drawing board on this. There's more here than meets the eye for sure! But what is the size? Can't find that answer anywhere!
If i remember right the turbo had 2 compressor wheels and they are both 46mm, and they are NOT compounded both compressors feed the water to air cooler, i dont know what this equates to lbs per min wise but i dont think its a ton of air, this set up is basically like running parallel turbos on a diesel, just doesnt work that well. I think that a large single vgt on these trucks will make some good power, the exhaust manifolds and ports on the cylinder head look nice and big, and i hear the heads flow a good amount of air, so these things with a little more air might get nasty... look out valvetrain parts!

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