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Re: MT truck of the year

Originally Posted by George C View Post
It's easy to lump people like myself to be lumped in like some liberal, big government lover.
Truth is I started my business young, and up to a few years ago, mortgaged everything I had ever had, made every mistake I could make, and now I have 45+ people working for me. I pay taxes that seem to wipe out the profits I should be taking home. Still, I am extremely fortunate and I'm the LAST guy who you could call a liberal lover of Government.

Having said that, we live in a much more complex global marketplace, one that our founding fathers couldn't have even wildly imagined back when the Constitution was written..
We live in a Capitolistic society that allows for our freedom, as well as a small pond for sharks to prey easily on small fish.
Unions, mobsters, crooked politicians, career welfare cases, Paranha attorneys killing our health care.
It's a complex society, but it works for us and we live a life that is pretty good considering all that is wrong with unbridaled Capitolism.

Now after suffering through an economic theft of our nation's home equity from many, many angles of greed, and our nations 401K savings and borrowing power, I find it hard to let a company the size and scope of GM, AIG or any of the large scumball banks like Citibank fail. Failure, although deserved would affect the final blow to our listing ship of an economy. Consider that..
In a perfect world of Capitolism, they should fail, and let the pieces fall and rebuild where they may. But, what if the economic impact is too great, which I believe would have been enough to push our house of cards off the table.
Sorry, but I don't see this as a chance I would have taken.

I like my lifestyle. I want to preserve it without having to see everyone around my lose their jobs. I provide a service, and my customers have the ability to pay. I like that..
Knowing our tax system, and our Governments penchant for "taking", I'm providing my own security and personal retirement, and not depending on my 401K for anything other than casual spending money when I'm ready move south to enjoy the sun..

You are willing to gamble, I am not. I have much to lose, how about you?
I will support GM for what it is, and that's a "vehicle" that keeps people employed and spending money at my business, and in your community as well.

In closing, what I would like to see are the thieves behind bars. At least Bernie Madoff is getting a little share of hell on Earth before he actually checks in.
I said nothing of you being a liberal, as you are not. I am ( in the classical sense, not modern). I know one when I see one, you sir definitely are not one. I did say you were a big government statist, very different. Gambling, as you called it, is the only reason we have anything today. To guarantee no failure is also to guarantee no success. The little "gamble Henry Ford took, or Thomas Edison, or even more importantly our founders. Talk about a gamble.

I also notice the almost purposeful syntax errors in your post, the message is still clear however. It is true I gamble every day I go to work, in ways you may not be able to relate to or imagine, so I will spare that correlation as it is of my choosing to do so. AS for my community. The GM dealer went bust here. The people whom were employed there somehow survived and moved on. We now have two new car repair shops because of this, and the Ford dealer gained a few more sales staff, mechanics and the like. The same for the Toyota and Honda dealers respectively. The GM dealer was a huge Conservative activist in our neck of the woods and was one of the dealers shut down by our all benevolent handlers in Washington. The dealer re-opened a few months ago, shocker with one of the biggest Democrat names in MD. The only caveat, he brought in his own staff.

CapitAlism is not what I endorse or believe in. Free market capitalism is what I believe in. We haven't had this in decades. Most everything today is a form of crony-capitalism ergo Fascism. Elected officials are shoveling our tax dollars to there pals and writing regulations and laws to snuff out there pal's competition. Not much different than Franco's Spain, Mussolini's Italy, or Adolf's Germany. Even the Soviet's had a from of this in their Communist regimes ( as do the modern day Chinese). You almost recite the statist talking points of our current regime to the "T". Why is that?

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