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Re: MT truck of the year

Arguing with a big government true believer is probably the hardest thing to do in today's country (you ought to try it). It is even harder with voice to text software. Typing is a little difficult at this juncture. I ask for some courtesy in the matter of homonyms or even homophones as it takes a little while to catch them all. You seem to believe that something is only good, true, and possible if it happens through the Federal Government or government in general. Taking from one and giving to another is not charity, it is larceny. No matter if you do it or a group of elected officials do it. You are free to believe as you wish, the problem I have is that under our current Federal Government, your vote AFFECTS (not effects, just saving you some time) my family and it's future. If we were under our Constitution, then what you did in your State would not have an EFFECT in mine. Don't take from my children's future so your wife can drive a certain brand of vehicle. Ford, Honda, Toyota, and many others do not do this, why can Chrysler and GM?

The Interstate Highway System, you really want to argue this was a function of the Federal Government? Claim national defense, as was the original "reason" for it being done, and you can then argue that our Federal Government is limitless. Which would probably suit you fine. Again believe as you must but divorce it from me, my family, and my State. You will find that your system requires my participation, but mine does not reciprocate this necessity. Which is better? Opinions may differ, keep in mind that under mine and our founder's this question is academic at best. Under yours and other statists the question is essential.

If you prefer to parse grammar, spelling, and the matter we can. I am sure quite a few prepositions, run-on and fractured sentences have graced the pages of both of our postings. If you prefer to debate the merits of big government taking from people and then claiming to be helping people at the same time, we can.
I buy based on what is not just a well built and backed product, but what is free market. Given this, one could easily research and find my rants against Ford and Navistar. Were Ford to take bailouts or participate in any other form of fascism tomorrow, then tomorrow they would lose a customer. They would still get some of my labor, risk, and time away from my family in the form of taxed monies. Would this be just, right, or Constitutional?

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