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Re: MT truck of the year

Ford is not private. How can you even debate this?
CEI? That's the media you are offering as your example?
I'll pass on that debate.
GM debt? We can get into unions, pensions, ect, shall we?
I don't find it worth rehashing.
I'm not saying I agree or disagree with these bailouts, but to let a company like GM fail doesn't just affect GM and their employees.
It's the collateral damages that could have effected almost every community in our nation. Those losses were not tollerable in our fragile economy.
It's the same thing with the scumbags at AIG. If AIG went down, that girgling sound would have been our entire banking system going down the drain with it. Unfortunatly, most people can not even imagine what life would have been like if that were to happen.

Either way, it doesn't effect my decision to buy my wife her third Tahoe..
She loves the vehicle, it's a great SUV and it's safe and reliable.
Sorry, but the Expedition doesn't make the cut here.

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