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Re: MT truck of the year

Originally Posted by Greenshield View Post
It took quite a few years for this to happen. It will take Ford a few years to perfect this motor, powertrane , and the likes. Props for the numbers the GM products pulled. Ford is still private and that is what I value most. This said, the front -ends of the GM's and trans will become troublesome (as they have in the past) for their owners. The actual control ( yaw and wind drifting) of a fifth wheel or large box trailer will be better with a Super Duty do to weight and the front-end. The GM uses much more Urea than the Fords per mile pulling similar weights. The Fords seem to be getting somewhat better mileage and maintenance costs ( no formal tests I know of, just comparing the aggregate of anecdotes from sites dedicated to specific brands). Ford could address the Exhaust Break and high altitude acceleration issues with reprogramming for the most part. I had a 2008 3500 silverado as a work truck for over a year and I bought a 2008 Super duty 6.4. Both had their merits but the Ford was a better truck for my needs ( towing trailers and long distance travel with a family of 5 and 2 dogs). The control is much better with the Ford, the Chevy was quicker.

Competition is what keeps we HD truck owners and enthusiasts having a choice, and ultimately the best possible products available. Let's hope our Federal Government keeps it's nose out of future business dealing. As this will ultimately destroy choice by putting down private competing firms if left unabated. If GM had fallen, someone would have stepped up and either bought just GMC or another manufacturer whom was more prudent with money would have stepped up and the free market would have allowed all brands to get even better.

First of all, Ford is certainly not private in any stretch of the imagination, they just saw the writing on the wall a few years ago and made corrective changes. Hmm, like the 6.0L, and their vaunted service in correcting the issue...
Secondly, our federal Government loaned GM the money at a nice tidy profit for the American people.
GM repays $8.4bn bailout loan in full - Times Online

Just how does the government loan effect someones purchase decisions?
I don't get it. As far as someone else buying GM, just who runs around with that much coin?
Maybe China?
Our Government did the right thing.

I would hope your buying choices should be focused on the product, not the soap box material...

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