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Re: Our First H&S Tuned 6.7 Customer!

Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
I have the H&S too with stock exhaust until I receive mine tomorrow. I threw a code P0087 like 3 times. When I checked the DTC codes with the mini maxx it said none (is this a bug?). So I used my ODBII scanner that I had and it showed P0087 and erased it. It also says power reduced too. I believe we got the same code. I think the hot tune was meant to be used without the DPF even though I selected the on the mini max DPF still present. Hopefully with the exhaust on tomorrow it won't throw that code anymore, other than that feels pretty quick now. Can't wait to put the 5inch exhaust on tomorrow.
Yes, the DTC reading routine is undergoing some changes. It looks like certain codes the truck throws are not reading instantly as they should. Sometimes it takes a few key cycles, and some driving time. We will also get working on a solution for the p0087 code you guys have seen. It sounds like both of you are getting the same code, as it will cause an instant reduced engine power, and will regain full power upon an engine restart. I am assuming both of you were under a high load situation when the code was thrown. We will work these solutions into the next update we do for the 6.7. Hopefully we will have it up on the site this week. Thanks!

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