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Re: Our First H&S Tuned 6.7 Customer!

Originally Posted by SAK View Post
Well I tuned the truck Friday with the DPF on just to see how it would do. It was ok, didn't get to put but 5 miles on it to pick up my trailer. On my way to my ranch I was going around another car and then I got a check engine light and reduced power light. When I got to the feed store I pulled over, shut the truck off and tried to clear the codes, but it said there was none. So I went on my way. Light was still on, but the truck had power. Got to my ranch and did a few things and ate. Went out to the barn to go rip the DPF off, words of advice, do NOT attempt this on your own. The DPF must weigh over 150 lbs, it's one heavy S.O.B. It took me about 2 hrs would be my guess to get it off, I took my time looking for all the connections and what not.

So I got it retuned and all buttoned up and started it, it sounds killer. Shut it off and went to bed. Woke up the next morning and drove to my grandmothers ranch with trailer and Jeep in tow. The new power is nice, nothing like my 6.4, but much better than stock.

I've put about 600 miles on it already, but all were with a trailer so I really can not tell you how good it is quite yet. Hopefully I will be done with the trailer on Wednesday and I can get you better results.

Awesome can't wait. I'll get those links out to you this week too.

I have the H&S too with stock exhaust until I receive mine tomorrow. I threw a code P0087 like 3 times. When I checked the DTC codes with the mini maxx it said none (is this a bug?). So I used my ODBII scanner that I had and it showed P0087 and erased it. It also says power reduced too. I believe we got the same code. I think the hot tune was meant to be used without the DPF even though I selected the on the mini max DPF still present. Hopefully with the exhaust on tomorrow it won't throw that code anymore, other than that feels pretty quick now. Can't wait to put the 5inch exhaust on tomorrow.
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