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Re: Our First H&S Tuned 6.7 Customer!

Originally Posted by Rudy's Diesel Performance View Post
You can do whatever you want with it, its all completely shut off. We just unplugged/removed everything in the exhaust. People just need to remember that the shelf or tank life on urea is not very long.

Aaron is correct, you can do anything you like with the Urea mess on the truck. For the simple man, just take the exhaust off the truck and leave the urea tank as is. Maybe just put a plug in the pressure line from the urea tank (or leave it plugged into the injector and tie it to the frame). For the guys wanting full deletes, just take it all off the truck (tank, lines, injector). It is really simple to removed the whole thing, IIRC it is 6 bolts. It's been a few months since we yanked that off though and I could be wrong. Their is one main harness at the top of the tank, just unplug it and unbolt the tank from the frame. We tried to think of every option, and pretty much whatever you do, the system will accommodate for it and work as advertised.

Thanks for the welcome invitation guys, we are looking forward to spending a little more time here.

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