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Re: Our First H&S Tuned 6.7 Customer!

Thanks for the reviews guys! Things have been going quite smoothly and so far so good on the new 6.7 Powerstroke product. It looks like we may do an official release tomorrow.

A few things we are not too happy with:

1. The 6.7 does NOT have a factory Pre-Turbo EGT sensor for us to monitor. You will want to purchase a product that includes an EGT probe.

2. Due to the reverse head design, tapping for an EGT probe is NOT fun. We have welded a bung into the up-pipe on our test trucks, but that is not easy for the average customer. For the DPF delete customers, we will offer a simple solution. The EGR feed pipe is not necessary with the H&S tuning, and thus can be removed and replaced with a drilled and tapped block-off plate. The temperatures here will not be quite as accurate as directly before the turbo, but will give a good base for pyro de-fueling. On average the temperature between block off plate and up pipe is 150*. So if you run this method of EGT, keep that in mind for de-fuel levels.

3. There are still some traction control issues on the new calibration files that are making it very difficult to do "boosted launches" and even Burn outs on some trucks. Those that have the tuning already will notice that from a standstill it will actually de-fuel itself for a split second, then kick back in hard and break the tires loose again. We are working around these items and hope to have some solutions shortly.

We have also designed a full EGR Cooler delete kit that should be selling here within a week or so. Installation is quite easy (as compared to a 6.4), and it really frees up some space under the hood. The cooling system for the EGR Cooler is also tied to the liquid to Air cooler, so your incoming air temperatures should be more manageable with the EGR system removed.

Thanks again to all the help from the Beta Testers, and Powerlabs for letting me beat the piss out of his truck for a week!

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