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Re: B&W hitch install time?

Jim, something in my memory wants me to believe that this isn't your first B&W install, but I am probably wrong. I would say that 3 hrs is easily done by yourself. If you have help you can take a shortcut or two and get it done in probably 2 hrs.

When we installed my brother's, we dropped the spare tire for better access. If you are working on it by yourself, go that route. When we did mine, we didn't bother with the spare as we realized 2 men could heft the hitch into place easily without bothering with that step. The most important step is to loosen the bed bolts to give you clearance to slide the angles in place. When you do this there is no need to notch the body on the left side, but the directions still showed doing that on mine. I've installed 4 of these things on 3 different model year Fords and have never done the notch.

If you do work by yourself you are going to need a method to lift/hold the center section up into place while you bolt it to the angles. When working by myself I've used a 2x4 across the top of the bed and a small ratchet strap for this task.
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