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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by LRTMatt View Post
Well as of July (the latest year to date figures I could find for Ford), GM sold a total of approximately 268,000 trucks GMC & Chevy combined. YTD sales for the F-Series was nearly 291,000 for the same 7 months. Most every press I read says that Ford has claimed over 50% of the light truck market. That means that they out-sell Dodge, GMC and Chevy all combined!

I wish I could find more current numbers as the Superduty has only gained sales momentum since July!

EDIT: I just found sales figures up to the end of September. The "combine GMC and Chevy" argument still doesn't hold water. Ford YTD: 385,879 GM (total) YTD: 357,950. I have not yet been able to locate Dodge figures.
That did change for the first time since the bailout,nothing to do with quality.ford was also bailed in 06, 18,billion.
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