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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by TylerDurden View Post
Right there with ya....We're about to get another 2011 dmax at work...the last 07 has 170k on it and its a pos. Shakes and shudders. It runs decent still. Ill give it that. Our 09 has 91k on it and is still nice. The first 2011 we have is approaching the 10k mile mark already and has used twice the urea it should have. It runs good and stops a little better than the older trucks but it still needs work. Im waiting for the driveshaft to come through the floor some morning when we're pulling the trailer. What can you expect for 55 grand though? I wouldnt ever buy one. POS.
I drove a new 6.7 and a new lml yesterday. The engine and trans in the 6.7 seemed very confused.the 6.7 also woul feel very strong the instant it down shifted but it kinda fell on it's face.the dmax didn't have that instant spoolup but then pulled harder. In 2006 ford did recieve 18,billion dollar loan. So go buy a Toyota that would probably put more money back in the economy.
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