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Re: Hand Calculated Mileage figures, post them here!

Originally Posted by sagebel View Post
Did you add fluid until you had bubbles coming back up through the vent? When I filled mine it reset on it's own.

I think the speedometer is off between 3-5mph slow. I had my neighbor clock me (LEO) and his readings matched my GPS.
I agree with you there. That's been the case in three '11s I've driven.

Anybody else notice incorrect odometer calibration? Driving an F-350 DRW last week I counted 100 mile markers and the truck accumulated 96.4 miles (around 70 mph).

On another stretch, running faster (75-78 mph) I counted another hundred mile markers, and the truck's total was 95.1 miles.

That's between a 3.6% and 4.9% error! That changes mileage figures considerably. The other two trucks were SRW but have seen a 1.5% to 2.5% discrepancy too. Each truck had 17s as well.

If any of you do a lot of Interstate driving to/from work check your mile-markers and report them PLEASE.

It can't just be my luck that all three '11s I've piloted are off. Has to be more...

'97 F-350
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