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Re: The Waiting Game

Originally Posted by JimTJr View Post
So, not to derail, if someone want's some reliable and simple extra horses, would the MP8 be the way to go? Although we don't know how the transmission will handle extra HP and stuff on these yet, do we?
Yes, the MP8 will add a few extra horsepower and it's a very simple install. I gained 33rwhp on our truck with it cranked up. We keep them in stock, it's a nice addition for a little extra pep. Every truck is a little different, as to how far you can turn it up. If you feel any hesitation or surging, just turn the knob back a little until it smooths out. On most trucks, we are able to turn it up all the way without any issues.

For those who will be flashing their trucks, we'll have specific programming available for use with the MP8. We do this for the 7.3L, 6.0L, and 6.4L as well. Basically, programs with with adjustments for "stacking" modules or fueling boxes.
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