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Re: Window tint asap?

Originally Posted by 6L strokin View Post
Ok so picked it up and didn't do the windshield how I wanted and my Sirius is only static and sync isn't working... WTF any ideas?? Also just threw a CEL.. Any way to check code in dash?
What kind of tint did they install ? some of the less expensive ceramics will cause this . Theres a certain amount of metal in all the coatings that will cause the interference . Check with your installer, if he cant tell you or beats around the bush , find a Pro . Just had mine done today , looks bitchen and no issues with interference whatsoever . It does pay to do a little research before plunking down the money , but more so to have a guy that can do more than squeegee the water out from behind the tint. The place that did mine gave me an education on tints. Raining here in SoCal but when its done soaking us I 'll get pics up . Take it back and get some answers .
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