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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by duratothemax View Post
I realize that. But toe can change depending on ride height on a SFA trucks with inverted Y steering. I dont know how the super duty's are setup but on the dodges, it is this way. Would you not agree with that? my 'toy' is a '68 vw beetle with 4 wheel drive and a 5.3 LSx in the rear. Obviously you arent going to find anything off the shelf for a contraption like that. Im not an engineer and I dont design fossil fuel plants but it wheels well and didnt break until I slid sideways on the road at 45 mph and flipped it in the air several times into the ditch...the cage that I built with my below-average basic mechanical understanding saved my life.

I dont mean to bring that up to "brag", im just saying that most things I do are fabricated, not bought. Like I said im not an engineer by education and I never claimed to be, but give me at least a little credit here. Im not the les schwab down the street who does tire rotations and edge/banks installations. If I was, I wouldnt have customers who drive 6+ hours for a custom set of twins, engine build, trans build, etc...

Im not an engineer by education, you are. You're smarter than me. I got nothing. Back when I was designing the circuitry and writing the software code/bus interface for my "tap-shifter" (a module that lets you add the 06+ transmission tip-tronic manual shifter buttons to an 01-05 dmax) I should have consulted a real engineer. I probably would have gotten through R&D and prototyping much faster with a real engineer working with me. When you are building/designing/inventing things for these trucks that no one else in the country does/can figure out, theres a good chance you have an above average "basic mechanical grasp" of things. Just my stupid opinion. :)

Besides, if being an engineer makes you right all the time, then who designed the GM IFS setup? Surely not engineers. (thats my tongue in cheek joke)

I like super duty's; they are the most solid trucks in the 'basic platform' department in my opinion. When I say that I mean suspension, axles, frames, etc. If I was going to get a beater truck that I could do whatever I want with and drive the crap out of in the woods and on jobsites and stuff, Id buy a 7.3 and put up with the vague on-center feel and ball joint/unit bearing replacements. But for a personal truck to drive at less than insane abuse levels, and tow trailers long distances comfortably, I like the GM's. Without airbags, a super duty definitely feels more "solid" towing than a GM, IMO. But once you put airbags on a GM and put some weight in the bed they feel more or less the same to me.

I knew you'd throw that in my face...cuz thats all you got.

I am glad you can fabricate stuff. Thats great. Your tapshifter retro is a great idea. Im sure it was hard if you reverse engineered(theres that damn word again) one that gm already put in a newer truck. We've all done creative things when we needed to. Ever made a boost controller with a small water line valve? Hardware store parts?

I said for someone who builds race trucks you couldnt understand the obvious. Ive NEVER seen my tires camber angle change on my truck based on a load. Im not saying that makes a ford better or whatever. My saying Im an engineer was more of a joke, like you all think Im a dumbass but have an engineering degree kind of joke....

I dont care if somebody is formally educated or not.

Im sure we're either too much alike or way too different because you understand nothing I say, and vice versa.

None of it really matters though...

2000 F250 4x4 cc/sb. 6" w/37's and some other stuff.
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