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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by TylerDurden View Post
Ben you missed the point again. The sfa doesnt move...it stays in the same plane whether loaded or not. Just as the rear does. Im not talking about suspension as that has no effect on the sa.
I realize that. But toe can change depending on ride height on a SFA trucks with inverted Y steering. I dont know how the super duty's are setup but on the dodges, it is this way. Would you not agree with that? my 'toy' is a '68 vw beetle with 4 wheel drive and a 5.3 LSx in the rear. Obviously you arent going to find anything off the shelf for a contraption like that. Im not an engineer and I dont design fossil fuel plants but it wheels well and didnt break until I slid sideways on the road at 45 mph and flipped it in the air several times into the ditch...the cage that I built with my below-average basic mechanical understanding saved my life.

I dont mean to bring that up to "brag", im just saying that most things I do are fabricated, not bought. Like I said im not an engineer by education and I never claimed to be, but give me at least a little credit here. Im not the les schwab down the street who does tire rotations and edge/banks installations. If I was, I wouldnt have customers who drive 6+ hours for a custom set of twins, engine build, trans build, etc...

Originally Posted by TylerDurden View Post
Basic as it gets. I have an engineering degree and designed fossil-fuel power plants as a livelihood in my early twenties so you neednt use your own acumen to 'prove' your mechanical savvy to me. I said before, I think you're smart and know the gm platform but sometimes I think you know more about modding them and performance than your basic mechanical grasp should allow. .
Im not an engineer by education, you are. You're smarter than me. I got nothing. Back when I was designing the circuitry and writing the software code/bus interface for my "tap-shifter" (a module that lets you add the 06+ transmission tip-tronic manual shifter buttons to an 01-05 dmax) I should have consulted a real engineer. I probably would have gotten through R&D and prototyping much faster with a real engineer working with me. When you are building/designing/inventing things for these trucks that no one else in the country does/can figure out, theres a good chance you have an above average "basic mechanical grasp" of things. Just my stupid opinion. :)

Besides, if being an engineer makes you right all the time, then who designed the GM IFS setup? Surely not engineers. (thats my tongue in cheek joke)

I like super duty's; they are the most solid trucks in the 'basic platform' department in my opinion. When I say that I mean suspension, axles, frames, etc. If I was going to get a beater truck that I could do whatever I want with and drive the crap out of in the woods and on jobsites and stuff, Id buy a 7.3 and put up with the vague on-center feel and ball joint/unit bearing replacements. But for a personal truck to drive at less than insane abuse levels, and tow trailers long distances comfortably, I like the GM's. Without airbags, a super duty definitely feels more "solid" towing than a GM, IMO. But once you put airbags on a GM and put some weight in the bed they feel more or less the same to me.

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