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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by duratothemax View Post
The most recent truck that I built (custom twins, etc) just raced at diesel nationals in NJ and went mid 11's at 122mph with a 6" lift on 35's. Sorry I know its slower than what a 7.3 on 35's would run, but I dont think thats too bad. How fast was the last truck that you built?

So how much will it tow? Does everything on the truck work as it would stock off the lot brand new?

Thats why you run airbags. If you keep the rear end from sagging you are going to keep the front at ride height. BTW SFA trucks can wear tires if the front end is drooping too...well depending on what steering setup htey have, inverted Y/Inverted T whatever...I dont know what they use now on the radius arm setup, all the fords Ive had to work on are 03-04 6.0's (wow no way!).

F250's will sit ass-down with a decent amount of tongue weight too.

But at least the axle will ride the ground level unlike IFS. Come on ben you should know this.
I guess I get bashed for my feelings on gm now and you will get smacked around on this forum for your feelings about Ford.
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