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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by duratothemax View Post
Were they towing in reverse with the trailer hooked to the front bumper or something?

Not sure how towing wears out the front tires moreso on an IFS truck than a SFA truck, but ok. Snow plowing or hanging heavy stuff on the front end yeah, I can see that.
I was starting to think that you were smart and the fact that you cant figure this one out has me wondering how you are capable of building 'race' trucks. Well lets see, last time I pulled a trailer on a sfa'd truck the tires didnt go from neutral to positive camber. Im gonna stop there. If you havent caught on you wont.

If you think doing some stupid fuggin sh!t like you detailed in the first sentence of your reply is necessary to cause negative results in a ifs(it flops severely) truck then your dad shoulda shot the load that became you in the coal-bucket.

It juuust might be time for you to go back to your own campfire. We're all dim-witted and apparently dont know what quality is. I encourage you to leave, you're wasting your own time here. Time you could be using to build some really fast race trucks.

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