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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by 99f250pows View Post
99 f250 ps auto 4x4. The ford does float smoother on rough dirt roads but lacks in confidence. We have an ifs truck with double the mileage less expense and it is a 1500 that was used like a 3500 at that. Im not saying solid axle is junk but ifs has its place and works very well and weighing less is not a bad thing.
I highly doubt its the truck that is lacking confidence...

Ive seen a 94 z71 with 334k miles on it and it was all in one piece but the trans had been replace three times and the motor was running 50wt oil to get any compression...I highly doubt that a halfton gas truck runs or performs better than a 3/4 ton with half the mileage.

You're right ifs does have its place, on mini trucks and half ton, occasional use trucks. Ive seen how tires wear on hd dmax trucks that pull everyday. Nto a pretty sight.

2000 F250 4x4 cc/sb. 6" w/37's and some other stuff.
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