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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by 99f250pows View Post
The truck at work just had a very recent complete overhaul of the entire steering and front suspension. It doesn't take long at all for that stuff to just get loose. It actually has something clunking around under it again inspite of the easy life it gets compared to the other trucks.
Whats the truck at work? Year, make, model? If it has an easier life than the 'other' trucks why does it need repair? If you guys just repaired it, why is it still broke, aka clunking? Maybe its not being 'repaired' but rather having parts thrown at it haphazardly. My lift was put on and checked periodically for the first year and now I just repair things when they break, which is due to environmental-rust moreso than premature failure. ON a monobeam truck the only way something can 'clunk' is something isnt assembled properly, i.e.,missing parts or improper fastener application(like under-torqued bolts or wrong grade of bolts).

Im not saying that a solid axle truck doesnt need repair but ifs(infinitely fixing stuff or shti) is more maintenance heavy, lest you let it all rust together and perform poorly. I dont think that ifs is bad but not for heavy duty trucks. It lightens the front end too much. Just because most people dont service ifs frontends doesnt mean they dont need it. All this is just my opinion. Ive had both types of front ends on a truck so its not entirely w/o experience that I prefer the solid axle. The ifs seems to rattle once the truck gets miles on it, especially during off road use. The solid axle is more bouncy.

2000 F250 4x4 cc/sb. 6" w/37's and some other stuff.
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