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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by 99f250pows View Post
New the Ford does drive nice When its new, but the truth is that measley spindley junky garbage front suspension and steering setup on the chevy will drive with 200,000 miles like it did when it was new. I cannot say the same for the setup Ford uses, they just get so sloppy with miles on them. Ive driven both 2011 trucks and even the new Ford had just a small amount of play in the steering and my coworker said the same thing about a different 2011 ford that he drove. In my line of work that is not acceptable. I know some guys get a big ego boost by swinging the steering wheel from side to side, but I dont.
My truck has 246k on it and its not sloppy or showing huge amounts of play. Tie rod ends, balljoints and alignment work wonders I suppose.

I didnt detect anything that resembled play in the truck I drove. The steering was quick and crisp. I also noticed that it was pretty hard to turn the wheel if the truck is stationary. I highly doubt that the sawing back and forth of the steering wheel that you described above was happening on a brand new truck. Lift, 37's, and a ton of miles and mine doesnt even do that. If that was your experience so be it but Ive not heard anyone else say that.

Do you know what causes the steering wander in trucks, the way you described above 99f250blows? It isnt the design itself. Id like to hear your explanation of what causes that.

2000 F250 4x4 cc/sb. 6" w/37's and some other stuff.
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