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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Im gonna chime in here. I have been riding in an 11 3/4ton dmax for about a week and a half and its NICE. Much better than the 07,08, and 09 Ive been in. The 'new' brakes are worlds better than the other setup they've used for ten years. I had the displeasure of doing a rear brakejob on an 07 dmax wed of last week. What a pisspoor design. I realize you can loosen the bottom caliper bracket mounting bolt and rotate the whole caliper up on the top bolt. Bollocks at any rate. duratothemax, aka ben, said the brakes on the 'older' trucks work good if you adjust them right. I didnt see how the brake function is susceptible to being compromised when looking at it apart. Ill not do another service on one so its not going to be learned either.

Onto the original topic, Id say the new gm is better than the one its superceding. Yesterday and today Ive been driving an 11 ford scab 4x4 superduty 6.7(I know I said only crews for this guy) its a dark red/tan at the bottom. Its an xlt with navigation. The interior is RIDICULOUS in this thing. I love the blue needles too. Easier on the eyeballs than red. The seats are comfy. This one has a black and tan(pb colored) interior. The front seat flips down in the middle and has a real nice/generous armrest/console much like the gm does. The 6.7 is quiet but Im used to a straight piped 7.3. This thing has balls on top of balls. Good god! They(ford dealer) said they reflashed the computer for a hp/torque increase. It runs niiiiice. I was inspired to do this because of the new dmax we got at work. Ive obviously spent more time in the gm but the new ford made a BIG impression on me right away. Im trying to scrape up the cash to buy a new one now.....the ford that is...the interior alone is reason enough to opt for the ford over the gm. Sorry chevy guys but trailers still impose their will on the front end of the dmax truck. Pushes it around. Empty or lightly loaded the chevy stops really f'n good.

I dont think Id even go for a tuner right away. The scorpion diesel has gobs of power. If only this one was a cc Id just keep it..lol...oh and the sync feature is nice too.

2000 F250 4x4 cc/sb. 6" w/37's and some other stuff.
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