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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by sideswipe7 View Post
you know whats funny is what are these trucks bought and used for. Lets see
towing thats why most people buy these trucks, how does it handle with a load in it or behind it thats what i would care about the most. Now this is why i buy a truck like this i haul wood and a fifth wheel and a snowmobile trailer and a boat behind it. Now i see more fords pulling the big setups compared to the other trucks out there. what do you guys think of the way i look at it.
Yer not seeing what I'm seeing. I just feel sorry for any body that dumps 50,000.00 into a truck with power fold and extend mirrors and a computer in the dash that runs the price of the truck way up but ya still have to get out and lock the hubs in when ya want to use the 4x4. That is just plain prehistoric right there.
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