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Re: Dropping my '11 Dually

Originally Posted by PTSUPERD View Post
Just my 2 cents....but I really think the fenders look good. Matches the 11 frontend to me (more rounded edges etc....)

Is it gonna look funny since the front fenders still have the rounded detail to them?


Either way, it will be badazz.
We're actually working to make them work with the new body lines. Hopefully it works out, but I'm confident they'll look great. The new fenders also tie in with another little thing we're working on. :)

Originally Posted by 06TWO50Diesel View Post
I know people will be wowed at the renderings, let alone the final product!
Keep it up Kris!!
Did I mention I hate suspense lol
Hahaha yeah...check your email later today...
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