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Re: Hand Calculated Mileage figures, post them here!

Originally Posted by Abrannan19 View Post
ok, so before the flash with the wheels I really wasn't keeping up with what MPG the truck was getting. So I now have the flash and I have 22's with 35" tires. My ODO is off because of the larger wheels. I went by interstate mile markers to see approx how far it was off, I only had a 7 mile span from where I started to where I had to get off. So in 7 actual traveled miles according to mile markers, my ODO only showed 6 on the button. So according to my calculations that puts my ODO off by .1428571 per mile shown.
Adam it's not that I doubt your calculations, but your truck came with 34.1" tall tires and you now have 35" tall tires. The actual difference is likely to be more in the 3-4% range not 14%. The math just doesn't add up.
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