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Re: Hand Calculated Mileage figures, post them here!

Originally Posted by surveyor13 View Post
I like the feature where I can watch my mpg for the last 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Here is a picture I took on my way through Mississippi on I-59. Probably had close to 100 miles on the tank and went through a regen right after filling up and getting back on the highway. My computer has been a constant .5mpg off. So I am running around 78mph and getting 17 - 17.1 mpg. This is me, the dog and all the crap I carry to work in a refinery for a month in NOLA. I'll take this mpg all day long. I have also found that after the initial click on the fuel pump it takes only a minute or 2 max to fill it to the neck where as my 05 and 08 would take another 10 minutes.

Thats a great fuel burn...With my 6.7 (3.55's) Im avg. about 15.5mpg @ 80mph. I think its still to EARLY for me, less than 2k on the truck.

You guys gotta love that WOT @ ONLY 2,250-2,300 RPM!
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