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Re: Request change to Classifieds

Originally Posted by stackedstroker View Post
and if the items sold it should be erased. just my .02
This can be done, but us as mods have a lot to go through each day, we each have a section to maintain, also we don't have a lot of mods like other forums do. So we all surf through the different section editing, moving, closing, monitoring threads, if a sale has been sold or needs to be closed the seller can shoot any one of the moderators and ask to be closed.

Originally Posted by Snake05 View Post
Or give the OP the option of closing the thread in the "Thread Tools" drop down (at the top of the thread).
This probably won't happen due to the fact that we can't separate the other option that only mods have the ability. The tab you are referring to also has move, close, stick, merge etc. Like I said above if a seller is done making a sale he or she can shoot us a pm. Another option is to report the post but stating in a sentence please close due to item being sold.

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