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Re: murdered out '11 lifted

Originally Posted by LRTMatt View Post
I didn't want to go into debt for 4 extra years either, but my camper has spent a lot of time sitting in the driveway way too often because the 6.0 just isn't reliable enough to go anywhere with it.

I almost envisioned myself driving a 5.9 Dodge but really couldn't quit throwing up every time I thought about it. There is no way I will ever own a Chevy as long as they are a tin can on wheels with IFS. Last but not least I felt that the 6.4 was just another obsolete motor so that left me with one real choice. Massive debt and starting over with a fresh warranty that I have no intentions of compromising!
Have you actually Gauged the thickness of the two ? far as metal thickness gose ???

Just wondering ,i agree the Fords seem to be thicker, i've been under both and even though i own a GM i Love the way the Ford is built from the bottom side ,I could have fell asleep under that Ford it was Well Built!!! thats a 2011 Ford... Can You believe that this truck was left unlocked I sat in it and played with the seat and stuff,It was nice NOT to have a sales guy up My arse... I did Lock It before i left just seemed Kinda strange for them to leave it unlocked ,this was on a Sunday.....
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