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Re: Trojan Horse on the site

Originally Posted by smorris View Post

I paid 50 bucks for it, and had more trouble AFTER than I ever did before.
I think the security companies pay people to send viruses just so they can sell you their crap. Honestly, are there THAT many people out there that just want to wipe out your hard drive for fun? I figure 80% of the bugs are paid for by the anti-virus/ security companies. If they were truly after your confidential info, you would never know it was a problem, till it was too late.
JMO anyway. I cant see a hacker who wants your bank account numbers announcing his presence by making your crap act stupid, or lock up. At least I wouldnt if it were me. I'd keep it on the downlow as long as possible and get all the info I could. makes no since to crash your stuff, then ya get nothing.

Of course what do I know. I do good to log into my e-mail haha
I'm with you on this one. If I was smart enough to gather info like that? I damm sure wouldn't waste my time on a couple people's PC's, I'd be going after HUGE company databases. I really have no interest in seeing your drunk wife's boobs, or your $50 savings account. I would be after the BIG $$! HAHAHA

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