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Gas Mileage while towing

I have been really interested to see what kind of real world mileage this truck will get, so as soon as I got home I took the new truck that was waiting for me and started recording and comparing hand calculated versus the truck travel computer mileage. Seems like in my 2011 Lariat Crew Cab FX4 I have averaged 17.5-17.8 combined! This is mostly stop and go and I am easy on the truck so as to see what the truck will do. I was most impressed when I towed with it the other day, at 70-75mph with a car and trailer in tow (5500-6000 lbs)I was able to average 15.9 mpg on I-20 which has several grade changes, none of which are extreme but all of which effect agas mileage. It's a great truck, I can't wait to get the re-flash for more power!

Post your mileage here, I am interested to see what others are getting!
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