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Re: Duramax owner ready to make the switch

Originally Posted by Joker4life View Post
If you could be half way realistic I could believe you. I could destroy any truck if I would want to.
You can believe what you want. I did not 'destroy' my trucks. Just had issues with them. 90% of the time these trucks were on pavement. City life you know.

Originally Posted by Joker4life View Post
I forgot to ask if you hate gm so much what are you doin on the diesel place?
First off, never said I hated the Original GM. Now, government motors, yes. Will never drive anything gm again or get into anything gm again until they pay every dime back they owe me and every other tax payer. Are there things about my previous trucks that I didn't like, well obviously since I am now driving a Ford. But there are things that I liked as well, nothing worth mentioning but a few things.

Why am I on the Diesel Place, well I have been a member there since 2003. Used to drive 'other' trucks. So that is why I joined there. If I had Ford's then I would have been on a Ford site.

It is always funny to me when someone posts their experience with the 'other' brand that their claims are always outlandish, far fetched, and could never be true. But when YOU post info, we are all supposed to just say, "okay" and believe you with no questions asked.

I know what I and others have experienced with Ford, GMC/Chevy, and Dodge from my readings. One group never wants to believe the other which is fine. To each his own. You are obviously a gm person and so you will defend them tooth and nail. I know what that feels like, I used to be brand loyal like you and blind like you.

Good luck man.
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