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Re: Duramax owner ready to make the switch

Originally Posted by Joker4life View Post
Ha,ha, 2 2001 dmax's 200k and150k,2 2006 both90k,a few I'm no have no work but not sure of miles.21000 was with the truck 99 ps with 170k.
Originally Posted by Joker4life View Post
I forgot the 1/2 ton with 430k never been touched pulled skid loaders and off roaded the whole time.
1998 Chevy C1500 - 56k miles when I got rid of it. Ball joints 4 times. Front breaks redone 3 times. Tie rod ends twice. Front CV replaced drivers side 3 times. Upper control arm bushings replaced or worked on, drivers side - 4 times, passenger side 5 times. Tires replaced on front end twice. Total time in the shop - 17 days...

2000 Chevy C1500 - 48k miles when I sold it. Ball joints twice. Upper control arm bushings 3 times. Brake rotors replaced twice. In the shop 14 other times for misc front end issues. Total time in the shop - 22 days.

2002 Chevy 2500HD - 17k miles when I trashed it. In the shop 21 times with front suspension issues, horrible tire wear, brake issues, ball joints, steering issues, etc. Total time in the shop - 35 days.

This does not include the 2 Hummers (H2's) that I owned that were in the shop a total of 23 days together.

Fast forward to now.

3 Fords. Total time in shop 2 days. Oil changes, 1 radiator issue with my first F250 and AC repairs on my 2nd F250. No other issues especially with that SFA. Also I am much harder on my Ford's than I was my gm trucks because now I have heavier toys to tow around and move so that is proof to me.

So unfortunately I could not keep that gm junk any longer to see if it would have lasted, it was costing me too much money.
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