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Re: Duramax owner ready to make the switch

Originally Posted by Joker4life View Post
I agree you want a big worthless lift on your truck because you need an ego boost drive a ford. You can't work a lifted truck with way over sized tires and have reliability or performance.So lift your truck little man and go get your groceries.I put more miles on ifs trucks than sfa,put over 3k in my sfa to keep it on the road,and not a dime in my ifs.
I have owned GMC's and Fords for 34 years. I have had solid axles in each and a few IFS GMC's. AN IFS will suffer more wear! The ball joints in a solid axle only have to bear weight and rotate in one plain. In an IFS they have to do both of those and suffer motion in the Z plain as well. Plus you have four control arm bushings per side. On a solid axle, caster and camber are locked in position. On a IFS, you are at the mercy of control arm bushing flex and wear. A solid axle can actually articulate higher and lower than the IFS limit of control arm motion. Yes, I lifted a few of my trucks when I was younger and used to go trail running at a moments notice, but stock, my 08 is already up to my nuts when I climb in. Unlike GM products that can plow a driveway on the winter with their bumper and frame.
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