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Re: Duramax owner ready to make the switch

Originally Posted by Joker4life View Post
I guess that's why my brother got stuck on my jobsite where I pulled several trailors in and out of with my 2500 dmax with the absolute cheapest tires I could find. He backed in off the road about 75ft andcould not move, he had new mud and snow tires.I hooked my truck up to him and pulled him out. I didn't think much of it as I do that a lot,but then he started laughing and asked if it pulled hard. Turns out he had it in neutral. GO iFS!
Originally Posted by Joker4life View Post
I only get a kick out of people that say they like a rough ride cause it's a truck. I have all three ifs has more miles less trouble and out performs on road and by far off road. Did I mention in the above post he weighed 21000lbs. I had no weight and was in the same muddy condition,that's not the first time that has happened where we had to get our ifs trucks to pull trailors into jobsites. I think the truck is the one that gets the job done,not the which ever rides roughest.
What is funny is guys like you.

I have driven everything GM under the sun from a C1500 2wd on 39's, to H2 Hummers, 2500HD CC gasser to 2 GMC 2500HD Dmaxs all with IFS and THEN I drove a Ford with the Straight Axle under it. I can personally tell you that my 3 Ford trucks, (2 F250 CC SB and now F350 CC LB) all 4WD ride SO MUCH BETTER than anything IFS I have ever driven. My Ford's tow better, pulling boats or just various trailers. They ride better both while towing and not. The 'only' difference was maybe 1-2 mpg better in my gm vehicles (diesels) than the Fords, but I will take the ride, better 4wd, better towing, and usability of the truck over the other.

Been there, done that and I am glad I took that drive and made the switch.
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