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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

From my experiences with ford and chevy trucks and some dodges. I might be a little bias but i like the ford. The chevys seemed way too soft in the front compared to the rear making it give this up and down feeling in the front. I haven't drove a 11 ford or chevy though. and the dodges all rode rough and seemed cheap. One question does the chevy have rack and pinion? I think it does but have never looked that close or been that familiar with them just drive some for work fom time to time. If it does that would obviously make steering much better as in less wonder. There is only so much you can do with a normal straight axle setup. And eventually there is always going to be some play. Fords might not have the softest ride but when im in a truck i don't want it to ride like a car like the chevy's do and i don't like the bouncy front ends. And you can't beat the durability of a straight axle. If you put 1500-2000 pounds in the bed like we do it softens the ride up too. lol.
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