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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by StrongIslandDiesel View Post
Come on now..... This is my first Ford and it 100% has wander. If you hit a bump in the road, it pulls you drastically from one side to the other. It definately does not feel good/normal.
Are those with the tires in your sign?

On my 06 i noticed a big difference on the same truck just going from the bfg (narrower, but taller) vs my micky thompson.(35x12.5r20 same size as yours, however mine are not even mt's and i noticed a huge difference. mt's are worse) A wider tire will not ride in the groove of the road, aswell a lot of larger tires have a lower load rating aswell as a lower inflation pressures.

In a lot of cases people cause their own problems with wondering by installing non factory spec'd tires and or wheels. (Also incorect tire pressures will do the same thing, cause wonder)

What makes it worse is a lot of dealerships will install " upgraded " tire packages, which are usually oversized tires, a leveling kit and then the vehilce does not drive aswell as it were to if it were stock. Aswell some don't even check the load rating of the tires thus reducing the load/tow rating of the vehilce is common with the so called " upgrades ".

If one wishes to destroy a perfectly good handling truck, install a lift kit and oversized tires.
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