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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by TurboDiesel View Post
I hope that the Diesel Power Mag review is better than Pickuptrucks.com was...
Oh, what, it "wasnt good" just because Ford didnt win?

There are sore losers and sore winners...get over it, who cares what some magazine thinks. If pickuptrucks.com put ford in first place you would be parading around saying what an excellent and fair article it was. YOU are the one spending your money, YOU are the one making the decision on which brand to buy. 99.8% of the people buying these trucks (ford/gm/dodge) already have their mind made up before they are even close to entering the market to purchase a new truck...a group of another peoples' opinions/reviews shouldnt be the deciding factor.

Personally I could care less, I will still always own a GM, even if every magazine in the world says its a piece of crap. It wouldnt make me feel down on my truck or anything, or hate people who disagree. IM the one who bought it/paid for it, and im the one that has to live with it/drive it every day. Thats just me though....just my own stupid opinion.

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